Oticon Hearing Aids

Understanding the benefits of Oticon solutions


We want to change the lives of people with hearing loss. We understand that to liberate people from the limitations of hearing loss, it requires insights into how people live their lives and how the brain works.


We are the technology leader of our industry. We drive innovation forward and challenge conventions to offer market leading hearing aid technology.


Enjoy The Real Sounds Of Life. Because Your Hearing Matters

Without the real sounds of life, you miss out on important information. This means your brain must work harder to fill in the gaps – which can be tiring – making it harder for you to stay sharp in every moment.

Your hearing matters when it comes to being at your best.


A hearing aid designed to support your brain

Powered by a Deep Neural Network
The DNN is a technology we have trained with 12 million real-life sound scenes. This built-in intelligence ensures each individual sound is delivered with detail and clarity.


Celebrate life all around you

It’s time to start socializing and celebrating a life filled with sound. Thanks to life-changing BrainHearing™ technology, Oticon Zircon delivers 360° speech and clear sound from all directions, even when in noisy environments, so you can focus on the sounds you love.

Oticon Zircon creates a seamless experience to help you enjoy today’s connected world. With Oticon Zircon, you also get a wide range of connectivity options for a high-quality listening experience in everyday situations so you can go through your day with more confidence and convenience.


Open up to the full sound scene with OpenSound Navigator

OpenSound Navigator* is Oticon’s powerful processing technology at the heart of the open sound experience, and delivers life-changing benefits in hearing aids at the essential level for the first time ever.  


For people with severe-to-profound hearing loss

People with severe-to-profound hearing loss rely on hearing aids to get through each and every day, and it can be extremely challenging to follow the conversation with a group of friends, family members or colleagues. If several people are talking, it becomes harder and even more tiring to make sense of the conversations.

With the new ground breaking technology in Oticon Xceed, you will now have the support you need to actively take part in these situations without having to rely on guessing and lip reading. Oticon Xceed opens up your world like never before.


Open up your world to the people around you

Power hearing aids with traditional directionality do not give access to all speakers, but instead focus only on the person in front of you. Oticon Xceed changes this and opens the world around you.

Xceed provides access to all speech and relevant sounds and differentiates speech from noise in the process.

BrainHearing -
How hearing works in the brain

Hearing is thinking

Sound travels from your ears to your brain's hearing centre, where there are two subsystems: The orient subsystem and The Focus Subsystem. These constantly work together to help you understand the sound scene around you.

1: The orient subsystem constantly scans your surroundings to create a full overview of the sound scene.

2: The focus subsystem helps you select which sounds to listen to and which sounds to switch your attention to—while the irrelevant sounds are filtered out.

From here, sound is used by other brain centres including for memory and emotions.


We offer a 30 day, no-obligation, trial on all our hearing aids

Try our hearing aids for up to 30 days in real-life situations with our no-obligation trial.