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Sounds natural, feels natural, and connects you to the world naturally.

OMNIA is the newest hearing aid family from Danish brand ReSound. This hearing aid includes improved directional microphones for better hearing-in-noise and an optional M&RIE speaker that places a microphone inside your ear canal to pick up sounds more naturally. It offers Bluetooth audio streaming for both Android and Apple, has an IP68 rating (the highest rating for water/dust/dirt protection), and an option for rechargeability.

ReSound OMNIA hearing aids sound natural, feel natural, and connect you to the world naturally.

ReSound OMNIA™ Family combines narrow beamforming directionality and omnidirectional hearing

All solutions under the ReSound OMNIA™ family will provide enhanced connectivity, whether users are streaming phone calls or music to their ears. Users can answer calls with a tap on their hearing aid and will have a clear conversation without having to take their smartphone out of their pocket.

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The OMNIA has the same appearance as the previous generation of products, but it has a few notable improvements. The first is a stronger Ultra Focus mode. Users can activate Ultra Focus on their hearing aids to listen directly to the person in front of them in a restaurant or meeting. This feature was previously available in ReSound products, but OMNIA boosts its capabilities by 150% in the loudest environments.

OMNIA also includes new algorithms for reducing the volume of your own voice within your hearing aids. Many new users find their voice distracting, and this feature should aid in their transition.

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