Hearing Loss is usually a gradual process that affects us as we age

Hearing Care is Health Care

However, we often don’t notice a change in our hearing until our lifestyle is impacted. If you are concerned about your or a loved ones hearing and are not sure if you would benefit from a hearing test, below are some questions to ask yourself or your loved one:

If you have answered yes to any of these questions, then you may have some degree of hearing loss which can be assessed FREE by one of our Fully Qualified Hearing Aid Dispensers, registered with the Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC).

Explore the possibilities of hearing solutions and hearing aids for your lifestyle.

HCPC registered Hearing Aid Dispenser

The impact of hearing loss can be significant and when left unaddressed can lead to feelings of frustration, loneliness and social isolation. Often the best way to help with hearing loss, depending on the type of loss, is with the use of a hearing aid device.

Only a HCPC registered Hearing Aid Dispenser may prescribe a hearing aid device.

We work with Oticon & Unitron, two of the worlds leading manufacturers, to offer you the most advanced hearing aids on the market today.


Oticon develops hearing aids with different styles, features and technology to suit any kind of hearing loss. Revolutionary hearing aids designed to work like your brain, because it learned through experience.


Inside and out, Unitron's hearing aids are patient-centric. Their design philosophy puts hearing aid wearers at the center of the process. Most of Unitron's models are available in four power levels, some in five.


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