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Our Ear Wax Removal Specialists are qualified and are regulated by the HCPC & BSHAA

Whilst ear wax, also known as cerumen, is a natural substance that the ears produce to help protect the ear canal and eardrum, it must be managed properly for ears and hearing devices to work efficiently.

If wax becomes excessive or impacted it can affect both your natural hearing and hinder the performance of your hearing device. We would therefore recommend the removal of excess wax.

Our comprehensive ear consultation, ear assessment and wax removal costs £39 for one ear or £59 for both. If no wax is found in any ear, we only charge our consultation fee of £20.

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Ear wax removal is £39 for one ear or £59 both ears.

Why do I need Professional Ear Cleaning?

The ears are incredibly impressive organs, which not only enable us to hear, but also boast an efficient self-cleaning system. In the vast majority of cases, the ears will clean themselves without any problems. However, sometimes, there is a risk of wax buildup, and if you spot signs of excessive earwax, you may benefit from professional ear cleaning.

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