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Hearing Loss Can Make It Difficult To Understand, Follow or Participate in Conversations.  
Hearing is the ability to hear and understand sound in our environment.

Changes in your hearing can be a gradual process or it can be a sudden change. Identifying hearing loss is not always that easy and other people may notice changes before you do.

One of the early signs of hearing loss is a struggle with speech recognition. You may find yourself mishearing what people say – whether it is a word of a sentence. You ask yourself asking people, “What?” and to repeat themselves.

Find Out How Well You Hear. Try our free online frequency hearing test. Test your hearing in both left and right ear. Get results in 5 minutes. The online hearing test is a quick way to gauge how well you’re hearing.

I have a hearing loss, what should I do?

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The first step is getting a hearing test and a thorough evaluation from a hearing care professional.
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