Ear Wax Removal Facts

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Frequently Asked Questions

1What is Ear Wax?

Ear wax, also known as cerumen, is a natural substance produced by the ceruminous and sebaceous glands of the outer ear canal, it naturally protects the ear canal and ear drum by lubricating, cleaning, and fighting bacteria.

Many people produce more ear wax than is necessary or have a problem as it sometimes doesn’t
always work it’s way out of the ears naturally. As a result, the wax gradually builds up to form a solid mass instead of being disposed of in everyday life. If wax becomes excessive or impacted it can affect both your natural hearing and hinder the performance of a hearing device. We would therefore recommend the safe.
removal of excess wax.

2Can my GP Practice remove my ear wax?

In September 2020, a government minister confirmed that the NHS would no longer be offering ear wax removal as a core service. This means that you might not be able to get your ear wax removed at your local GP surgery, even if you used to in the past.

"Due to recent changes within the NHS, ear wax removal is no longer undertaken as a standard treatment, by hospitals nor local GP practices"

3Should I use an ear oil prior to Ear Wax Removal Treatment?

In our opinion the use of oil a few days before treatment can improve the success rate of wax removal in one visit.

4Is there an ear oil you would recommend?

Yes, Earol as it contains natural olive oil. This product is available form Pinder Hearing Care and most Pharmacies.

5Why has my hearing become worse since using ear drops?

This is usually temporary. As you are adding a fluid to the ear canal and the wax softens it can create more of a blocked feeling.

6Should I use cotton buds to remove my ear wax?

No - please don’t try this. In doing so, you may push the wax deeper into your ear canal increasing the risk of rupturing your ear drum.

7How often should I have my ear wax removed?

This varies from person to person, some produce more ear wax than others. We have clients who have their ear wax removed every three months and others every twelve months. Everyone is different.

8Can the wax be removed in one appointment?

Yes, usually it can. However a second appointment may be necessary if the wax is not sufficiently softened or there is a large build up of wax. A follow up appointment can be arranged during your visit. There is no extra charge for a second appointment.

9Is there an age restriction for wax removal?

Ear wax removal at Pinder Hearing Care is available for over 18 years. If your child is 18 or under, please contact your doctor for advice.