Are you struggling with background noise?

Assistive listening devices (ALDs) help amplify the sounds you want to hear

Assistive devices include an array of technology: Television and telephone aids, alerting or signaling devices, and personal or large area assistive listening systems.  

Who Can Use Assistive Devices?

Assistive devices can improve communication and understanding for individuals with varying degrees of hearing loss.  

There are five general types of assistive listening devices

Audio induction (also called a hearing) loop

An induction loop, also known a a hearing loop or T-Loop, is an assistive listening system that helps those with T-Coil equipped hearing aids.

FM system

Hearing Assistive Technology amplifies sound. The FM system is comprised of a microphone and a transmitter worn by the speaker, and a receiver and coupling device, worn by the listener, that transmits sound to the listener’s ear or hearing aid.

FM Systems are wireless electronic devices that send speech directly to the person wearing the receiver. Personal FM systems reduce background noise, improve clarity and reduce listening fatigue. A FM system is a special wireless device that helps people hear better in noisy listening situations.

Infrared system

Infrared systems use light waves to send sounds across a room. Infrared technologies can be used to transmit an assistive listening audio signal in a room or theatre auditorium.

An infrared hearing system is an assistive audio system to aid communication with hearing impaired people and is a popular alternative to an induction loop

Personal Amplified System

A portable device that transmits sound via a microphone and transmitter to headphones, an earphone or a neck loop. It is Useful for one-on-one conversations or TV listening. Can be used indoors or outdoors.

These devices use an external microphone near a person speaking to pick up and amplify speech. The speech signal is delivered to an earpiece worn by the listener. This device can be used in homes, places of worship, theatres and other public venues.

Bluetooth systems

Assistive listening devices improve day-to day communication above and beyond the benefits of hearing aids. Bluetooth and Other Wireless Technology.

Bluetooth integration allows hearing aids to double up as wireless, portable assistive listening devices, capable of playing any audio streamed to them.


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